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Feb 13 FREE Spoken Word Storytelling Workshop ALL Novice & Experienced Writers/Performers WELCOME

Love The Moth? Addicted to Story Core?
Come to our workshop on the Spoken word.

SPEAK EASY (working title), a New Spoken Word Storytelling group, is forming in St. Louis. Script Mechanics is proud to partner with SPEAK EASY founders Deborah Barylski, Nancy Lewis, and Sandra Olmsted to offer a FREE workshop on first-person, narrative storytelling. We’ll cover tips on performing a story, how to prepare stories for a spoken-word performance, and how to produce a performance.

Those who are interested in sharing a stories, getting tips on presentation, and/or being a performance producer are welcome to our
FREE Storytelling Workshop
at the
Buder Library
February 13 at 1-6pm

In order to demonstrate the process, we invite you to bring a first draft of a 500-word (or-less) story based on either of these prompts: “anniversary” or “release.” Please don’t revise your stories because polishing and shaping the stories is part of the workshop’s process. These prompts have multiple meanings and storytellers are encouraged to use the which ever meaning appeals to them.  Your story—which could be funny, ironic or poignant—should be a personal-narrative, real-life experience told in first person. Be as honest as possible!  The story for this exercise will be only about 1-2 minutes long when you read it aloud. Please bring 10 copies of the story.


Spoken word performances celebrate storytelling, an ancient art wired in our DNA. Just as storytelling sessions around the campfire of paleolithic to post-modern mankind have build community and help people share insight into the human condition, the Spoken Word Movement embraces the same values. SPEAK EASY will offer an opportunity for novice and professional storytellers to tell their stories in a welcoming and safe environment.

Deborah Barylski is an Emmy Award-winning casting director (for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT); other credits include THE MIDDLE, JUST SHOOT ME, and HOME IMPROVEMENT.  She has worked with the spoken word movement in Los Angeles at “Rant ’n Rave,” “Spark Off Rose,” and “Secret Rose Theatre” as well as watching many other story telling venues.  She is also a teacher, theatre director and St. Louis native.
Nancy Lewis is a local actress and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher in St. Louis.  She read about Oral Fixation, a story-telling venue in Dallas, Texas and was interested in bringing this type of venue to St. Louis.  Stories, storytelling, sharing our experiences can be empowering and life-changing.
Sandra Olmsted has shaped writers’ scripts through Script Mechanics screenwriting workshops and CinemaSpoke screenwriting contest with her keen sense of story. She is a television producer, an award winning filmmaker, and a PhD candidate at Saint Louis University.



The 47th Annual Media Festival

Did you think time had run out? Not quite!

Enter before the final deadline: Dec. 15, 2015 which is NEXT WEEK TUESDAY!

Click HERE for details on categories and a link to the festival site.

Join the ranks of other top quality media producers, writers, editors, animators, sound designers, and talent from around the world who have received Golden, Silver, and Bronze reels in this renowned Media Festival.

Why should you enter?

I’m sure it’s no surprise, but clients love it when the work you do for them is recognized for excellence. Get your bragging rights!

Dig out that great project you created in the past couple of years and enter it today. There are lots of categories to chose from, including Craft categories. Student entries compete for the G. Warren Scholarship:

Any questions? Just drop us an email at


Event sponsored, in part, by Production HUB, an online marketplace that connects businesses with professional content creators and vendors.

Production HUB

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Sept 12, 1-6 pm

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Sept 12, 1-6 pm
Script Mechanics FREE Screenplay Workshop and Table Read — Actors Needed, Writers Wanted!
Sept 12, 1-6 pm
When:  Sat Sept 12, 1-6 pm
Where:  Buder Library 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109
What:  Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop
Please join us this month on September 12 for a table read of short scenes by a half dozen writers.  Short scripts by tall people!
Every voice is welcome, and fewer roles than most films, but each has meat!
Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.
Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!
WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this summer at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.
Actors, writers, directors, producers, and film fans are all welcome to attend.

MCA Meeting Sept 24, 2014

Think about Doin’ It on the Cheap!?
Micro-Budget, Low Budget, and Beyond

WHAT:  Learn tips and tricks from Producers Dan Steadman, Vanessa Roman, and Srikant Chellappa who have made films with a variety of budgets.

WHEN: Wednesday September 24 at 6:30 pm Networking followed by  Panel discussion at 7 pm.

WHERE: Barlow Productions at 1115 Olivette Executive Pkwy, St Louis, MO 63132   (314) 994-9990

From Olive and 170, head West to Olivette Executive Pkwy. Barlow Productions is on the Left and the parking lot is behind the building.


Dan Steadman started his Hollywood career in 2001 and worked on such shows as “That 70s Show” and “Whoopi,” writing for such companies as The Disney Channel, Comcast, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He subsequently shot several pilots featuring such actors as Melissa McCarthy, Cheryl Hines, Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes, 2013 Emmy Winner Tony Hale, and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. He is now focused on discovering new talent in different parts of the country and has written and directed 5 independent features in the last 3 years, the latest being “Belleville” and the upcoming Christmas film “Expect Delays.” More info at

Vanessa Roman is a Webster U graduate with a degree in Film and English and has been producing, writing, acting and directing for 15 years.  Her films have shown around the country and garnered awards from the prestigious Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto and from our local St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Currently, she is gearing up to go into production on a feature film that will be shot in St. Louis next year.

Srikant Chellappa is an accomplished Writer, Director, Producer in the US. His credits include GHOST IMAGE (20th Century Fox), Fatal Call (red box, 10+ countries), An American Candidate (netflix) and Most recently produced Brian Jun’s Untitled Drama which is in Post Production. He is currently working on developing a dark comedy as a writer, director and producer. He produced four feature films for budgets ranging from 130k to 700k. He studied Finance at University of Memphis and works at eMids Technologies and Kalinga Productions.

MCA Members — FREE
Non-members — $10
Students with Valid ID — $5

Whether your budget is large or small, good producing is all about getting what the film needs for less.

Join us and hear Dan, Vanessa, and Srikant share their experiences and methods for getting the most film quality for your budget.