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Meeting Announcement: Resolve to Make 2016 An Award Winning Year: How Awards Boost Your Credibility and Career!”

Ring in the New Year with MCAi-St.Louis,on Wednesday, January 13th, as we present “Resolve to Make 2016 An Award Winning Year: How Awards Boost Your Credibility and Career!”, 7.p.m.,Rm.105 in the Business Admin. Bldg. at Meramec Community College!!!
Have you ever entered a film festival, secretly hoping to hear your name called during the awards ceremony,only to keep watching the same recipients collect their prize?Do you wonder, what is their secret, and if you knew, would resolve to take the work to that level? Do you write screenplays that you feel are production worthy,yet haven’t been able to get it through a competition? Are you in the corporate audio/video realm and ask-are awards worth the hype, or are they just fancy statuettes that sit on a shelf?The answer is “yes”, they are worth it, and we’ll explain why! An aspiring actor? Avid viewer of award shows? This meeting is for you!
Our panel of professionals in film,media, audio, screenwriting, and acting will explain how and why awards make a difference, for the better, in their given areas. The presenters have either received numerous awards, given them, and a few have had the pleasure of both! The criteria and process of how certain pieces are chosen,why it’s not always the work itself that causes an elimination, and what ensues after an award is won will be discussed,as well as q&a.


Panelists include:
Adam Crosley, Producer, Reel Impact
Tom Barry, Producer, SSM Healthcare
Make one of your New Years resolutions to join MCAi-St. Louis on Wednesday,January 13th, 7.p.m. At Meramec Community College for “Resolve to Make 2016 an Award Winning Year:How Awards Can Boost Your Credibility and Career!”
What: MCAi St. Louis Topic Meeting “Resolve To Make 2016 an Award Winning Year: How Awards Can Boost Your Credibility and Career!”
When:  Wednesday, January 13th,2016
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Networking w/refreshments 6:30 p.m.)
Where: Meramec Community College
11333 Big Bend Rd. 
Kirkwood 63122
Building: Business  Administration. Room 105. 
There is parking right outside the building in the visitors parking lot off of Big Bend. 
COST: MCA-I members: FREE
Students: $5.00
General: $10.00 



Whether you already have a media business — or you’re thinking of starting one — you’ll want to come to this meeting. We’ll have a panel of legal and business experts, as well as some of more successful media business owners in St. Louis. Whether you’re planning to build a media powerhouse — or you’re an independent contractor (actor, writer, director, editor, etc.) — there will be significant insights for you at this meeting.

You’ll learn

— the best way to structure your business to avoid legal problems and maximizing tax benefits

— financing options for small business owners

— tapping into the best small-business resources in St. Louis

— navigating the burgeoning local entrepreneurial eco-system.

— how to find your own profitable niche (or niches)

— how to make the most of the boom times, and how to survive the busts.

There will be plenty of time at the meeting to get your questions answered — and for those who like to stay out later there is our unofficial Afterglow for more networking and camaraderie.

The meeting will be at Barlow Productions in Olivette, one of St. Louis’ oldest and most successful video and photography studios.

TIME: Networking starts at 6:30, meeting at 7:00.

DATE: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LOCATION: Barlow Productions
1115 Olivette Executive Parkway
Olivette, MO 63132

COST: MCA-I members: FREE
Students: $5.00
General: $10.00


Tom Daiber has been with the St. Louis District office of the U.S. Small Business Administration for three years and is the Lead Lender Relations Specialist.  Tom serves as a senior member of the District Office Team and is primarily responsible for marketing all SBA lending programs and services, conducting outreach, training and recruitment with all of the lenders in the District and working with lenders that need assistance on complex transactions, those who are new to SBA lending, those who are growing their loan volume and diversifying into the use of additional SBA loan programs and services.  Prior to joining the SBA, Tom worked in the banking industry for 28 years where he gained valuable banking experience serving in a number of roles including senior lender, chief risk officer, chief financial officer, president and chief executive officer for several St. Louis area banks.

Chad Carpenter is a user experience designer by trade, and always wanted to create video and motion pictures. Chad is the Executive Director and founder of Middle West Movies. Middle West Movies is a non profit formed to provide Midwestern movie makers experience producing features. Chad wrote, directed, and produced MWM’s first feature, Dog Days in the Heartland, in August/Sept 2015.

David Houlle, the owner of Sight & Sound Production Services, Inc., is Missouri’s largest grip and lighting rental house. Over the 36 years, Mr. Houlle has worked on film & video projects from coast to coast but mainly working in the Midwest area. Projects Mr. Houlle has worked on varies from Paramount’s  production of “Up in the Air” to a small two man lighting situations. Sight & Sound is the go to rental house from these larger lighting setup as well as the last minute call for that one light that is needed.

Lou Stemmler owns Silver Streak Studios, LLC  which provides all types of video, audio, and multi-media production to corporate and non-profit clients, primarily in the Greater St. Louis region.  He was the Associate Producer of “Fatal Call”, a full length thriller.

Stephen Pidgeon owned and operated Pulse Productions, Inc from 1976 to 1983 which produced film and multimedia and now owns and operates Pulse Media Technology, Inc. which produces digital media, animation, motion capture, and content for augmented and virtual reality.

PS: Don’t forget to check out our new web site, designed by our board member and webmaster, Stephen Pidgeon … You’ll find Mary Schirmer’s write-up of our last meeting on hair, make-up, and costuming … another article by Mary on Erin Bernhardt, producer of the feature-length music documentary, “Imba Means Sing.”


Coming this Wednesday, October 14 from the St. Louis chapter of the Media Communications Association — Int’l…
    With Halloween coming up, it’s a good time to start thinking about hair, makeup and costumes.
But for filmmakers, it’s ALWAYS a good time to think about hair, makeup, and costumes.  They play
a vital role in character creation.
    At this month’s MCA meeting, we’ll have a panel of some of St. Louis’ finest hair, makeup and wardrobe artists.   We’re still getting confirmation from our panelists, but,  so far,  our confirmed lineup
    — Catherine Wilke, who has costuming, makeup, and hair credits in several major feature films that were
shot in St. Louis, including “The Lucky Ones,” “”Showdown at Area 51,” “The Black Hole,” “Saving Shiloh,”
and “The Big Brass Ring.”
    — Carmen Loera, who has done makeup for such local films as “Love Stalker” and “Grandmother’s
Murderers Club”.  She began her career in Los Angeles, where she was mentored by famed makeup artist,
Don Cash (“Planet of the Apes,” “All the President’s Men,” “Charlie’s Angels“).  Besides films, Carmen
has also done makeup for television commercials, runway fashion shows, and stage makeup for
rock bands.
    — Rommie Martinez, a hair stylist and makeup artist with 20 years experience, who works in television
and film.  Her credits include the 2016 film, “The Layover,” shot partially in St. Louis this year, with William H. Macy
and Kate Upton.
    — Nakita Smith is a owns the Loop Luxe and does hair and makeup, primarily for photo shoots and fashion shows.
    — Theresa Doggett, who has done costuming for many  theater groups in St. Louis.
    — Moderating the panel will be current MCA-I Chapter president, Natalie R. Toney, a licensed cosmetologist,
turned artist, writer, and filmmaker.  Her experience includes print, film, TV, and video, as well as hair, hair
replacement, and wigs.  She is a former salon owner, former salon manager, and former educator for the American Cancer
Society’s Look Good, Feel Better program.
    Whether you’re an actor, model, producer, director, or an aspiring hair, makeup, or wardrobe artist, there
will be something for you to learn at this meeting.
  What’s more, we have a brand new location that we’ve never been to before:  the studios of
The St. Louis Photo Authority, owned by St. Louis photographer, Edward Crim.   The studio is on the
east end of The Loop.  The address is 858 Hodiamont Avenue, which is the street on east side of the
Delmar Metrolink Station.  FREE PARKING is available in the studio’s private parking lot.  As usual,
we’ll have complimentary pizza, sodas, and bottled water.
    So, if you’re just looking for some ideas for a Halloween costume … or you’re looking for ideas for
your next film, photo, event, or video project — you’ll want to come to this meeting.
TIME:  Networking starts at 6:30, meeting at 7:00.
DATE:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015
LOCATION: St. Louis Photo Studio, 858 Hodiamont Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63112
COST:  MCA-I members:  FREE
            Students:  $5.00
            General:   $10.00


Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop

Actors needed Writers Wanted Screenwriting Workshop Table Read
Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Oct 10, 1-6 pm
Script Mechanics FREE Screenplay Workshop and Table Read — Actors Needed, Writers Wanted!
Oct 10, 1-6 pm
When:  Sat Oct 10, 1-6 pm
Where:  Buder Library 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109
What:  Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop
Please join us this month on October 10 for the reading of a feature fim script by Bryan Larimer.  In this drama, a soldier returns to St. Louis for a two week break over Fourth of July, 2007. While on a float trip with his best friend from high-school, the soldier meets a girl and falls in love.
a table read of short scenes by a half dozen writers.  Short scripts by tall people!
Every voice is welcome, and we will need a minimum of 9 readers!
Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.
Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!
WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this fall and winter at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.
Actors, writers, directors, producers, and film fans are all welcome to attend.


Hi, Script Mechanics folks.  On Saturday, July 11, we’ll read a feature comedy by Rick Majzun, titled STEALATHON.
Here’s Rick’s logline:  At his ten-year college reunion, a former party animal turned workaholic veterinarian battles his college nemesis in Stealathon, an all-night, over-the-top, winner-take-all stealing competition.  Tonally close to SUPERBAD and HANGOVER, with more heart
The reading will take place in the Buder Library downstairs meeting room, 1 p.m.  The library is on Hampton just south of Chippewa.
Also, Script Mechanics regular, actress Carol Sjelin is having a big birthday this week, and to celebrate we’re going to meet at Denny’s, 1515 S Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139 (just north of Manchester) at 11:30 a.m. before Script Mechanics.  Here’s a map, if you aren’t sure where that is.
If you can make it to both Denny’s and Buder, that’d be great.  Otherwise, just get to one or the other.
Many of you know Vanessa Roman and her work, and she’s got an Indie GoGo campaign underway to fund her next film.
Dear Sandy and Script Mechanics,
I want to tell you about my Indie GoGo campaign to raise money for the feature film The Importance of Doubting Tom.  I would love for you to take this journey with me and commit to making a donation.  Your support is crucial.  This project is putting local actors and crew to work and bringing attention to the wonderful community of dart league in the St. Louis area.
Here is what you need to know-
This screenplay was inspired by none other than Oscar Wilde and is a modern update of his incredible play, The Importance of Being Earnest. I’ve set it on a backdrop at dart league at Blueberry Hill in our own U City Loop.
This screwball comedy has won several screenwriting contests and has been steadily gaining support in the last few years.  Now, all that hard work is finally coming to fruition. Private equity investors have brought me this far in the process and now I need your help taking it all the way.
There are several exciting perks that I want YOU to pick from.  We are set to start shooting in late July and I want you to be involved.  Would you like to be an extra in the movie?  There’s a perk for that!  Would you like a signed picture?  A digital download of the finished movie? And many more…
And please, share with your friends.
Help me hit the bullseye with this campaign.  You can help all these dreams come true as we take this film from start to finish.
Donating is so easy.
Step One: Click on the link below
Step Two: Click on the CONTRIBUTE NOW link
Step Three: Choose your perk and enter your information!
You’re done!
Thanks so much for all of your support!
Every voice is welcome, and fewer roles than most films, but each has meat!
Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.
Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!
WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this summer at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.
Script Mechanics aims to assist screenwriters in polishing their scripts by having actors read the scripts aloud. The writer hears their dialogue and get fresh insights into their character from the actors’ take on the script. The actors and other writers in the organization offer suggestions and comments at the end of the reading.  The cold read provides the actors with the opportunity to practice an important auditioning skill.
Script Mechanics meets the second Saturday of the month at the Buder Library. The library is just south of the Chippewa and Hampton intersection; the address is 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109. It’s the brick building with turquoise and glass trim. We have a meeting room downstairs from 1:00 – 5:45; however, the reading may not take quite that long. Parking is available behind and south of the building and in the lot in front of the bank across the side street to the north.
The table read of an entire screenplay by one screenwriter or several scenes by different writers is followed by discussion of the script and the questions that the writer has or writers have about the readers’ interpretations and audience’s response to the script, story, and characters.  We assign roles at the reading, which provides an opportunity for actors to practice cold reading, which is an important audition skill.
If you have a script to read, we request have two requests: 1) that you make arrangements in advance and provide a logline and a brief break down of characters at least one week in advance of the reading so that the reading can be publicized and 2) that the script be properly formatted as a spec script and that complete scripts not exceed 125 pages, because it is difficult to read more than that and provide adequate coverage.  You will need to bring a minimum of 6 copies for an average size cast.  If the number of roles is large, you will need more copies of the script. You will also need a break down of which scenes each the character appears and which characters can be read by the same actor so that readers can be assigned multiple roles and get a chance to read a meaningful number of lines.
We also often get something to eat afterward, and anyone can join us.
Please contact Sandy Olmsted, at for more information, however, there is NO NEED to RSVP or to send head sheets.
Please DO NOT email headsheets or Resumes!

St. Louis MCA Meeting, this Wednesday, June 10

This month, we’ll focus on perhaps the biggest problem that filmmakers face: Raising Money.
At this Wednesday’s meeting you’ll learn about:
— The latest trend in crowdfunding: Equity & debt crowdfunding, which allows you to approach investors online.
— Crowdfunding successes and failures.
— Fiscal sponsorships: Even if you don’t have a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you can partner with one to funnel tax-free donations for your film.
— Developing a business plan for your film.
— How to find investors for your film (without getting into trouble with the law).
Hear from our panel of experts, including attorneys, filmmakers and others. Bring your questions, you ideas, your thoughts, and your stories.
3221 McKelvey Road, in the auditorium on the lower level
St. Louis, Missouri 63044 
Networking: 6:30
Meeting Begins: 7:00
Date: June 10, 2015
Come to our June 10 meeting, and GET YOUR EDGE!
STUDENTS GET IN FREE (Valid ID required)
$10 for Non-members
Free for MCA-I members and HEC-TV Employees

Recap of the “Camera in Action” Workshop and Announcing the Upcoming “Writing for the Screen” Workshop.

Recap of the “Camera in Action” Workshop and Announcing the Upcoming “Writing for the Screen” Workshop.
The recent “Camera in Action” workshop hosted by and taught by Dave Rutherford and Dave Berliner, was a fantastic learning experience from two guys who are at the top of their fields. “The Daves”, as we lovingly call them, pulled out all the stops with all the filmmaking toys anyone could ask for. Here’s a clip of the guys in action.
On the heels of this program comes the “Writing for the Screen” Workshop with Tim Breitbach and Jeramy Corray of Coolfire Studios; once again, two guys who are teaching from experience in their daily jobs. This workshop promises to be a fantastic learning experience, as Tim and Jeramy both have substantial writing credits for feature film and TV. The workshop will be held at the drool-worthy Coolfire Studios in St. Louis on May 30th.
As if that’s not enough and we can’t believe our lucky stars, film commissioner Andrea Sporcic will pay a visit to the “ Writing for the Screen” workshop to speak about the “Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship” offered by the Missouri Film Office. If you’re a writer looking for an immersive experience with top industry professionals, it doesn’t get any better than this. For more information on the “Writing for the Screen” workshop, go to

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat May 9, 1-6 pm

Script Mechanics FREE Screenplay Workshop and Table Read — Actors Needed, Writers Wanted!
May 9, 1-6 pm

When: Sat May 9, 1-6 pm

Where: Buder Library 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109

What: Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop

This month we will read Jamie’s Koogler’s “The Perfect Price,” a family film designed for low budget, high quality production. When Mr. Price unearths an odd silver object in their yard, the family quickly discovers that it has the power to make everything turn out perfectly, but only for the one person who has it in his or her possession.

Jamie Koogler is a ex-pat of St. Louis who now lives in LA. Koogler, who has some acting credits, also makes films and has had several films in the St. Louis Showcase over the years. She won’t be present for the reading, but notes and maybe a recording will be done for her.

Every voice is welcome, and fewer roles than most films, but each has meat!

Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.

ACTORS — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!

WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this summer at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.

MCA-I/NATAS Meeting Wednesday, May 13


Coming Wednesday, May 13, from MCA-I and NATAS.  Whether You Attended NAB This Year or Not, You’ll Want To Attend This Meeting

The best way to get up-to-speed on the latest trends, technologies, and industry toys is to attend the annual NAB extravaganza in Las Vegas. The second best way is to attend our annual post-NAB meeting, which features a panel discussion with those who have attended this year’s NAB. This year’s meeting will be the first-ever joint event between the local chapter of the Media Communications Association International (MCA-I) and the local chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), which produces the Mid-America Emmy Awards.

We’ve got a great line-up of speakers (see bios below!), so you’re sure to have your favorite topics covered.

DATE: Wednesday, May 13th

TIME: Networking at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7:00 pm

and NATAS members = FREE!
non-members = $10
students = $5


Bad Dog Pictures, Inc.

1501 S. Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63110

From Highway 40/64, take the Kingshighway exit and head south.
From I-44, take the Kingshighway exit and head north

AFTERGLOW:  O’Connell’s Pub,  4652 Shaw Ave.,  which is only two blocks away, after the meeting.

Bios of Panelists, so far:

Eric Tutskey: He is the Rental & Sales Manager at Bad Dog Pictures since 2008 and handles the day-to-day operations of booking rental equipment, preparing it for the job, making recommendations on equipment, and equipment repairs. Six years prior to Bad Dog, he was a Front of House Live Sound Engineer for national and regional touring acts, such as Eddie Money, Alan Parsons Project, Dave Mason, Percy Sledge, and many others. On the side, he is a musician, writing primarily sound bed/instrumental music.

Stephen Pidgeon:  He owns Pulse Media Technology, a one-man firm, which offers 3D animation using Autodesk Maya and a suite of Autodesk and Adobe tools to produce motion and graphic media. Currently, Steve is focused on animated content for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. In the 1970s and 80s, Steve owned and operated Pulse Productions, Inc. There he operated a Marron Carroll animation stand upon which he designed and built a five-axis motion control system that was controlled by an Apple 2 computer. This allowed him to shoot open shutter motion graphics, such as zooms, without doing the conventional step and repeat method. When the graphics field went digital in 1983, Steve sold his business and returned to school at Washington University to study computer science. He then entered the field of software development and remained there until 2014.

Christine Du Vall:  She is the Production and Post-Production Engineer at First Rule Film & Broadcast in Richmond Heights. First Rule is a full service production facility with capabilities to produce live video and radio programming as well as scripted films and commercials. Christine maintains a full broadcast and post production facility including edit suites, studios, servers, archives, broadcast equipment, and flux capacitors. Before coming to First Rule, Christine worked at Modern Communications designing, installing, and troubleshooting systems all over St. Louis.