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Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Jan 9 Actors needed Writers Wanted Screenwriting Workshop & Table Read

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Script Mechanics FREE Screenplay Workshop and Table Read — Actors Needed, Writers Wanted!

Jan 9, 1-6 pm

When:  Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Where:  Buder Library 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109

What:  Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop

Please join us this month on Jan 9 for the reading of Keshia Thomas’ screenplay; logline: A young faerie and mermaid are stalked by a dangerous siren desperate to achieve freedom from the Faerie boundaries.  There roles for men and women, and we will need between 6 & 10 readers/actors.

Every voice is welcome, and we will have lots of varied parts to read and maybe some fun sound effects — just like the olden days!

Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.

Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!

WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this fall and winter at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.

Actors, writers, directors, producers, and film fans are all welcome to attend.


Saturday, December 12, 6-????, at the Taha’a Twisted Tiki
    We’re inviting the entire St. Louis film, video, and audio community to celebrate the season with MCAi, informally, at the area’s only island-themed tiki bar, Taha’a Twisted Tiki  (4199 Manchester), known for its 200 rums from around-the-world.  To warm us up even further, Taha’a Twisted Tiki has a vast assortment of specialty drinks, wine, beer and a selection of tasty, exotic appetizers.  So, let’s don our Hawaiian shirts, grab our grass skirts, and have a Holiday Happy Hour escape to the islands.

DATE: Saturday, December 12, 2015
TIME:  6:00 PM — ????
PLACE: Taha’a Twisted Tiki, 4199 Manchester (in the Grove)


Please check our website/Facebook often for details about our U pcoming meeting at Meramac Community College, Wednesday,January 13th 2016,”Resolve to Make 2016 an Award Winning Year:How Awards Can Boost Your Credibility and Career”,and other exciting MCAi-St.Louis news!”

NOTE:  The website is now searchable, reachable with the following URLs: and

Citizen Jane Film Festival October 22-25

Hi, Script Mechanics folks.  The Citizen Jane Film Festival screens in Columbia, Mo., from this Thursday, Oct. 22 through Sunday, Oct. 25.  It’s a non-competitive celebration of the accomplishments of female filmmakers (not at all about male-bashing either).  The festival aims to encourage women and help them break into the film industry.

Read about the free workshops and see the film line-up at  It’s not a football weekend in Columbia, and the Cardinals aren’t playing (darn it), so why not get yourself and some friends to Columbia for some independent films.

Also, be on the lookout for the St. Louis International Film Festival, which runs Nov. 5-15.  See you at the movies.


Hi, Script Mechanics folks.  On Saturday, July 11, we’ll read a feature comedy by Rick Majzun, titled STEALATHON.
Here’s Rick’s logline:  At his ten-year college reunion, a former party animal turned workaholic veterinarian battles his college nemesis in Stealathon, an all-night, over-the-top, winner-take-all stealing competition.  Tonally close to SUPERBAD and HANGOVER, with more heart
The reading will take place in the Buder Library downstairs meeting room, 1 p.m.  The library is on Hampton just south of Chippewa.
Also, Script Mechanics regular, actress Carol Sjelin is having a big birthday this week, and to celebrate we’re going to meet at Denny’s, 1515 S Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139 (just north of Manchester) at 11:30 a.m. before Script Mechanics.  Here’s a map, if you aren’t sure where that is.
If you can make it to both Denny’s and Buder, that’d be great.  Otherwise, just get to one or the other.
Many of you know Vanessa Roman and her work, and she’s got an Indie GoGo campaign underway to fund her next film.
Dear Sandy and Script Mechanics,
I want to tell you about my Indie GoGo campaign to raise money for the feature film The Importance of Doubting Tom.  I would love for you to take this journey with me and commit to making a donation.  Your support is crucial.  This project is putting local actors and crew to work and bringing attention to the wonderful community of dart league in the St. Louis area.
Here is what you need to know-
This screenplay was inspired by none other than Oscar Wilde and is a modern update of his incredible play, The Importance of Being Earnest. I’ve set it on a backdrop at dart league at Blueberry Hill in our own U City Loop.
This screwball comedy has won several screenwriting contests and has been steadily gaining support in the last few years.  Now, all that hard work is finally coming to fruition. Private equity investors have brought me this far in the process and now I need your help taking it all the way.
There are several exciting perks that I want YOU to pick from.  We are set to start shooting in late July and I want you to be involved.  Would you like to be an extra in the movie?  There’s a perk for that!  Would you like a signed picture?  A digital download of the finished movie? And many more…
And please, share with your friends.
Help me hit the bullseye with this campaign.  You can help all these dreams come true as we take this film from start to finish.
Donating is so easy.
Step One: Click on the link below
Step Two: Click on the CONTRIBUTE NOW link
Step Three: Choose your perk and enter your information!
You’re done!
Thanks so much for all of your support!
Every voice is welcome, and fewer roles than most films, but each has meat!
Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.
Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!
WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this summer at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.
Script Mechanics aims to assist screenwriters in polishing their scripts by having actors read the scripts aloud. The writer hears their dialogue and get fresh insights into their character from the actors’ take on the script. The actors and other writers in the organization offer suggestions and comments at the end of the reading.  The cold read provides the actors with the opportunity to practice an important auditioning skill.
Script Mechanics meets the second Saturday of the month at the Buder Library. The library is just south of the Chippewa and Hampton intersection; the address is 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109. It’s the brick building with turquoise and glass trim. We have a meeting room downstairs from 1:00 – 5:45; however, the reading may not take quite that long. Parking is available behind and south of the building and in the lot in front of the bank across the side street to the north.
The table read of an entire screenplay by one screenwriter or several scenes by different writers is followed by discussion of the script and the questions that the writer has or writers have about the readers’ interpretations and audience’s response to the script, story, and characters.  We assign roles at the reading, which provides an opportunity for actors to practice cold reading, which is an important audition skill.
If you have a script to read, we request have two requests: 1) that you make arrangements in advance and provide a logline and a brief break down of characters at least one week in advance of the reading so that the reading can be publicized and 2) that the script be properly formatted as a spec script and that complete scripts not exceed 125 pages, because it is difficult to read more than that and provide adequate coverage.  You will need to bring a minimum of 6 copies for an average size cast.  If the number of roles is large, you will need more copies of the script. You will also need a break down of which scenes each the character appears and which characters can be read by the same actor so that readers can be assigned multiple roles and get a chance to read a meaningful number of lines.
We also often get something to eat afterward, and anyone can join us.
Please contact Sandy Olmsted, at for more information, however, there is NO NEED to RSVP or to send head sheets.
Please DO NOT email headsheets or Resumes!


Do you want to work in the entertainment industry?
Are you unsure where to begin?
Have you completed a film degree and are wondering, “Now what?”
Film Industry Training Seminars LLC (F.I.T.S.) is the answer you’ve been looking for! Kenny Chaplin  brings to you sixteen years in the trenches of the Hollywood film industry. With road weary tales from the field to augment the material, you’ll learn how to become an unforgettable film assistant on any size of production, from multi million dollar films, to photo shoots, and down to even the smallest budgeted student film.
He instructs participants in the day-to-day requirements of working as a film set assistant on location and in the studio. With an industry standard manual, examples, guest speakers and production forms, he presents the following:
Day 1:
•Pre-Production & Production
•The Directors Team
•Your First Day
•Set Protocol & Etiquette
•Walkie Talkie procedures
Day 2:
•Other PA jobs
•Background Performers
•Script Breakdown
•Production Paperwork
•Set Safety and Protocol
•Guilds, Unions, & Accounting
•Resume building, interview skills and Job search techniques
link to the workshop registration page:
“It was absolutely the most important thing that I have invested in to start my production career. I wish it lasted longer than 2 days because I couldn’t get enough of it, so detailed with every aspect of the set, Kenny gives you not only the understanding of how each position works, but the know how and the different ways to approach issues in conjunction with the rest of the team.”
Margot Carvallo Hernandez
“This was, without a doubt, an incredibly informative and entertaining seminar full of information on the production side of film making that you can’t get anywhere else. From learning about the important roles of production assistants, to the roles and duties of the 1st assistant director, through discussion, stories from the field to practical exercises; if you want a leg up on the competition to fill these roles, take this seminar with presenter Kenny Chaplin!!”
Randy Reese
This seminar has the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I learned so much and you stoked a fire inside me that is giving me purpose. Everything you talked about this weekend has been a suppressed dream of mine and it was put on my back burner to try to pursue a practical life. I am extremely grateful you, Kenny Chaplin, had a chance to present in Boise, it changed my life.”
Pete Schlesinger