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Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Jan 9 Actors needed Writers Wanted Screenwriting Workshop & Table Read

Script Mechanics Screenwriting Workshop Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Script Mechanics FREE Screenplay Workshop and Table Read — Actors Needed, Writers Wanted!

Jan 9, 1-6 pm

When:  Sat Jan 9, 1-6 pm

Where:  Buder Library 4401 Hampton Ave, 63109

What:  Screenplay Table Reading and Workshop

Please join us this month on Jan 9 for the reading of Keshia Thomas’ screenplay; logline: A young faerie and mermaid are stalked by a dangerous siren desperate to achieve freedom from the Faerie boundaries.  There roles for men and women, and we will need between 6 & 10 readers/actors.

Every voice is welcome, and we will have lots of varied parts to read and maybe some fun sound effects — just like the olden days!

Script Mechanics’ monthly screenwriting workshop and script reading this Saturday, and we also discuss the writing life and the art of screenwriting.

Actors — Practice your Audition skills by participating in the COLD READING at Script Mechanics’ table reads!

WRITERS — We are currently looking for scripts to read this fall and winter at Script Mechanics. If you have script that you would like coverage on, please contact Sandra Olmsted or Mary Schirmer.

Actors, writers, directors, producers, and film fans are all welcome to attend.